IRS Representation

Representation in collection matters with the IRS and other governmental agencies, related to income or payroll taxes, or other collections.

There are fewer scarier things in this world than receiving an ominous piece of mail from the IRS or another tax agency.  One of them is opening the letter and finding that the IRS is demanding immediate payment of past due taxes to the tune of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why would you try to handle this on your own?  The IRS is a massive agency, with a huge budget and well-educated professionals in the field.  Does this sound like a level playing field?

Team BKA IRS Representation CPA in Chicago

On Your Side

Received IRS Notices?

While no professional can wave a magic wand and make tax debt just disappear, a good professional knows the ins and outs of managing a collection case systematically.  The key is staying organized and on track, and understanding what each client can and cannot afford to pay.

Have a seasoned ally in your battle with the taxing authorities.  Contact BKA if you have a mountain of tax notices and are not sure where else to turn.