We are not in the business of selling Big Macs.  By that, we mean that while elements of the services we provide are similar across clients, everything we do is customized to the client.  This is because no two clients are the same and thus have the same needs.

BKA excels in assisting clients with accounting system implementation and operations, tax return preparation and compliance, financial statement preparation and analysis, and interfacing with other parties – such as governmental agencies, creditors, potential investors and attorneys – for whom the risks of making a misstep might have unforeseeable and irreversible consequences.  At the end of the day, your relationship with your accountant and advisor should help you get closer to defining and achieving your goals – which are typically not just financial goals but also goals to reduce your stress and improve your emotional relationship with accounting, taxes and money. Ultimately all of our services have that in mind.

Outsourced Controller and CFO Functions

Ideal for startups and businesses who might not otherwise be ready for a full-time in-house CFO, our outsourced functions will hit the ground running to make sure your books are balanced, reports are informative and provide meaningful feedback, and financial risks you may not even be aware of.

Payroll Tax Preparation

Often overlooked as a potential area for value creation, smart payroll decisions can save you money as well as keep you out of trouble with the IRS and other governmental agencies. No entrepreneur should find him/herself bogged down in the quagmire of payroll tax compliance – this is an area where BKA adds value by setting up a quiet, efficient machine to run in the background of your business.

Income Tax Preparation

Income tax prep is as dynamic as the individuals and entities for which the returns are prepared – which is to say quite a bit. BKA sees how your world maps onto the world of income taxes and will help you both understand the structure and rules of the income tax world as well as see your blind spots, such as where smart entity selection could save you money on taxes.

IRS Representation

Governmental agencies utilize massive amounts of computer technology, seasoned accounting, and legal professionals to examine (e.g. audit) you and your business. Why would you try to battle them without the aid of your own professional, who knows the lingo and can meet them on an even playing field? BKA will make sure you understand the issues and risks at play and also interface with governmental agencies. The first rule of holes is stop digging – BKA will not only stop the bleeding but begin the healing process.

Bookkeeping Services

In the 21st century, bookkeeping systems are all about producing the maximum amount of efficiency and informative data with a minimal amount of complexity and human data entry. BKA is well seasoned at seeing all parts of your business and building an accounting framework that cooperates with your operations while pushing the mundane data entry responsibilities to the software – which maximizes efficiencies and minimizes error.

Have you heard

Client Reviews

"I highly recommended Ben"

I highly recommend Ben for his expertise in tax preparation and financial planning. He took the time to listen to my tax concerns, questions and financial goals and was able to point me in the right direction. He is extremely thorough and meticulous about his work.  After working with Ben,  I understand now more than ever the importance of having a skilled CPA in your corner.

— Cathy D.
Business Owner

"A cannabis business is difficult"

Running a cannabis business is difficult. Mr. Koppel’s knowledge and understanding of the cannabis business helped us overcome multiple hurdles of dealing with payroll, insurance, and tax.

— Brian

"His approach is honest"

American Fiber Company has been utilizing the expertise of Ben Koppel as our outsourced controller. Ben has brought a fresh perspective to how we organize and approach our financial controls, structure, and reporting. His approach is honest and solutions-oriented, and his cannabis expertise has proven vital for our company.

— Mackenzie Padell
Chief of Staff, American Fiber Company

"Consistently detail oriented"

As a long time client of Benjamin Koppel and Associates, there are certain key attributes that I have come to rely upon. Consistently detail oriented, transparent, timely, and optimization focused, I believe anyone would be in good hands trusting this group to service any taxation needs. I will continue to trust BKA with my tax support and urge anyone valuing quality and integrity to trust them as well.

— Mike Konrad
Business Manager

"An expert accountant"

I had the pleasure of working with Ben recently and I found his capabilities to be profound. He is an expert accountant and is experienced in all aspects of controllership, but he brings much more to an engagement.  He can see the big picture and offers his opinions and recommendations in a clear, concise and compelling manner.  He has the maturity to present ideas to executive management in companies of any size.  I can recommend Ben to any organization without qualification.

— Rick Hans